So remember how I mentioned my having zero intention of getting presentable today? Well, Eddie came home from work and wanted to do some Christmas shopping and I still at that point couldn’t be bothered to put on much more than lip gloss, plus my hair was a nightmare which lead me straight to the conclusion that donning my green wig was the quickest, simplest solution. And, yeah, if I’d lived in the city, wearing it oot and aboot probably would’ve happened a lot sooner, but being that I live where I do, this was my first time sporting it in public and I was so prepared for dirty looks and/or snide remarks and just didn’t gaf because whether or not I want to wear a wig is my own damn business. However no such dirty looks or snide remarks were to be found, and I actually received a bunch of compliments from very nice people on both the wig and my frilly socks and however pleasantly surprised that left me, I also now sort of feel like a big douchebutt for not giving people enough credit. ._.


Au clair de la lune

I clearly took way too many pictures this one day.

New one from my shoot with First To Last Photography

It’s tearin’ up my heart when I’m with you~~