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Check out this promo for Babylon Smith, the illustrated novel Mutagenic Studios is working on (remember these?).

They’re trying to raise funds on Indiegogo, contributions starting at $5. The next contribution up of $25 gets you a Digital PDF copy of the book. ~~~and yours truly is in it~~*~*~*~~*

as are big guns.

It would be awesome if you guys could at least spread the word if anything. Tweet it, share it, whatever—because we really want this novel to happen. And the dudes at Mutagenic are much too awesome for this not to happen.

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nobody really knows why these things happen, they just do

and omg I am never so aware of my accent as I am when I attempt to rap, fucking hell

anyway don’t cry too hard I know it’s beautiful shhh dry your tears 

seeing gifs of movies from my childhood sure makes me feel like a bullfrog’s ass


Joe Tucciarone