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i cleaned out the gecko tanks and put in their heating pad now that winter is over and thought i’d TRY removing the divider and see if they played well but i literally heard elwood’s tail vibrate all night they were baNGING ALL NIGHT, and i woke up this morning and he had latched onto her neck for the god-knows-what time sooooooooo the divider’s gone back up and now he’s desperately trying to claw his way through it and izzy could not give less of a shit

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i can’t believe i’m gonna go blonde this summer i’M GONNA GO BLONDE THIS SUMMER

sorry i rly like these photos of me

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I just like being bundled up in soft blankets in total quiet with my own mind that is honestly one of my favourite things to do just lounge about in silence with myself

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my weakness is cakey things

loaf cakes
bunt cakes
coffee cakes

just C A K E 


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These crystals look so cute together💗💕💗💕

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If you don’t strategically eat your food so that the last bites to go in your mouth are the tastiest look at your choices

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Woooooo weather is a sick joke so I got off early ALL MY AT HOME & NAKED DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE

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can i just stay home and eat fruit naked all day while i watch the rain fall outside my balcony window? pretty pls???

I can’t wake uuuuuuup

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good morning

Bought dis cute lil handmade spider with a pink star for a butt💕

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