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i’m so chilled out rn

thank u exercise love u~

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after that first work out after having *not* exercised in a long time, i am fucking RAVENOUS

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so like stevie is actually letting me pick her up and handle her now!!!! i mean she still tries to squirm out of my hand but there is no aggression or screaming from her whatsoever (and yes she has screamed at me). i even put my nose up to her mouth (like i do with the other geckos to say hi) THREE TIMES and she didn’t strike or bite once!! MAJOR PROGRESS

only took 4 and a half fucking years *thumbs up*

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from now on any time someone says something stupid around me i’m just gonna go “oh really? i might just be wanting a bagel with my coffee”

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the boondock saints is one of those movies that makes me feel so comforted when it’s playing

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i get so annoyed by workout motivation images that say shit like “the most critical decision is made when you feel like giving up”

yeah every time you feel like quitting just keep working out. every single time. i don’t care if you’re tired. i don’t care if your muscles hurt. and i certainly don’t care if you have to eat, sleep, pee, raise a family, go to your job just wORK HARDER. PISS YOURSELF. WORK HARDER. WORK IN YOUR PEE AND TEAR SOAKED YOGA PANTS. FORGET YOUR FAMILY THEY’RE WEAK THEY’LL NEVER SURVIVE. KEEP WORKING. WORK OUT FOR THE REST OF YOUR GODDAMN LIFE YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF SHIT

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When I’m drunk I become overly pleased with myself

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there are girls here who have just introduced me to white wine sangria and I am feeling goooooooood

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ooooooh i’m feeling much better today!!!! 

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Right now I’d love a coffee and a visit to someplace haunted

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I ain’t quite myself yet but today is definitely better than yesterday😌

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It’s all misty outside!!! Like not foggy, misty! You can see the mist moving in the wind TIME TO HAVE A TEA OUTSIDE

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I know it’s not Thursday for another hour where I am but I wanted to do a cute Halloween #tbt before my battery dies which should be any minute now 🎃