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hey I forgot what it was like to consume a lot of caffeine during the day with my anxiety!!!!!!!!! wakes up dry heaving in middle of the night it sucks!!!

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I’m a menace to cats

This cat is perfect and I’m gonna miss her so hard #lilroomie

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cut what

cut my butt :(

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I went out drankin for pride (my FIRST pride aww) and it made me realize how lame I’m getting because that was basically my clubbing quota met for another year and honestly if I have to get drunk I’d rather be drunk on sake at an all you can eat sushi joint

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Partly shaven haircuts in man buns on real lean boyish lookin dudes 👌👌👌

Fuckin stout thick eyebrowed scruffy guys with hairy arms and bubble butts 👌👌👌

Well dressed & divinely accessorized men with hella style 👌👌👌

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Relationships are so neat I mean initiating one is basically like saying hey wanna hang out for potentially the rest of our lives?

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My favourite part in Anaconda is when she says “he toss my salad”

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I need at least two starbuckses

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fell asleep with all this makeup on SOS my eye crusties are becoming sentient #iwokeuplikedis

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L8r nerds

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I wish people from my hometown who were dickholes to me as teens/kids would stop relentlessly facebooking me :( :( especially since I’ll be living there temporarily in a short while :( :( and once they find out they’re gonna wanna socialize and ugh no I only have so much attention to give and tbh none of it belongs to you buzz off leave me alone

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I send my bf such filthy ass texts then immediately suffer mini heart attacks worrying that I accidentally sent them to my boss