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I’ve been off my medication for 4 days now and 2/10 would not recommend

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I don’t understand why people gotta speak so violently of certain lil creatures when someone else is first speaking fondly of them?? Like when I would talk about my pet snake and someone would start going off about how much they hate snakes and how if they saw it they’d kill it on the spot

It’s like right cool that’s wonderful how would you feel if someone started talking about bashing one of your pets’ skulls in???? and also what the fuck is wrong with you

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I know I talk a lot of shit about claiming that I would sit on all manner of men but that’s just me expressing how on point their sex appeal is u know in actuality my main dude is the only seat for me

Can’t be a real witch without a couple of warts 🔮🐀🌙💩

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i may or may not have gotten my mom and sisters hooked on game of thrones

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I’d go piss in the bushes if my parents hadn’t made me pop a squat on that fishing trip when I was 7 which resulted in me filling my entire shoe to the brim with pee because I TOLD them I couldn’t do it properly and then they laughed at me and I had to wear my peepee shoe the rest of the day and now I’m traumatized you know what maybe I’ll just pee on mom’s carpet when I get home

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Don’t bus stations

Have toilets??

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Guess who gets to hold a margarita piss in for a 1hr 45 min commute!!!!!!!! pray for me

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I am straight up addicted to Greek sheep’s yogurt

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Muffin face

Serena camouflages perfectly on @erikaorr15 ‘s TNG season 3