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Omg I love being alone

I mean I love being around friends and loved ones too but

goddamn do I love being alone

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Hey I love when you go to a place with free wifi and some macbook turd nuggets are hogging the shit out of it GO HOME if you can afford a macbook and a briefcase my guess is you can also afford to stream hi def whatever on ur own internet I’m already over my data ok I just wanna check instagram u big jerkfarts

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It’s really difficult for me to keep clothes off my bedroom floor

It’s like I put them all away and in less than 12 hours they’re all over the floor again????

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All I care about right now is breadsticks

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what did the yogi say to the hotdog vendor

"make me one with everything"

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Why is the after taste of sugar so darn nasty

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My lil stunted adult gecko who hates everything laid an unfertilized egg yesterday. Her anthem is officially Edge of Seventeen~*~

5 days ago
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Gecko fashun

5 days ago
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A new friend! 💕

Went to the museum to see dinosaurs and rocks heck yes

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Sister times!👯✨

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Got this little gem on sale at my local organic store and oh my gosh what a find! The quality of this polish is absolutely delicious. I need 74. (Ps this shade is called Gravel Road and don’t it become me???)

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Hmm not sure why I didn’t think of doing this before but what about a lil giveaway with pouches of crystals???