have I mentioned that the type of people I attract into my life are A+

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Dude ... that's twice this week you've reposted things for missing people that aren't missing. This whole vegan dealy has broken your Google-Fu, hasn't it?

If I don’t have the time and think I might forget about it after, I just reblog anyway. Better to be safe than sorry

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I sadly watched that video expecting you two to bash your heads together.

yeah I was surprised that didn’t happen either :/

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We have Tim Tams … just gotta live in a real city ;)

omg -___-

I feel so country

never seen or heard of a tim tam in my life until this day 

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You ... um ... you ... want a coffee? *hides*

I do, I really think I do :(

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Seriously, how does anyone in your family exist? Apparently you’re all the prettiest people ever made.

asdkjfn Awww! Thank you, Rob!

I will pass this compliment along <333

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That’s actually cool and nice of them … but I’d personally be upset with that … I’d just want another cheesecake. DON’T DENY ME TASTY CHEESECAKE!!!!

Aw, they were going to, but it’s a frozen product and they didn’t trust it holding out through shipping in this heat, unfortunately

I was personally happier with this stuff, I love trying new things :3 

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Will you personally deliver said chocolate if we live within a 500km zone of you?

lol no rob

but to cover that, I’ll be inputting the winner’s as the shipping address when I create the order. Like, it’s not gonna go from the company, to me, to the winner—it’s just gonna go from the company to the winner. :)

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I’m sorry that this news horrifies you so rob

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Solution: start liking apples more, as they are easier to come across in podunk towns.

I am like, the opposite of okay with that solution 

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hey everyone look how superior I am to Rob at this game right


I’m a terrible winner 

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OMG the glare off your legs is blinding me!

story of my life