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You're such a sweetheart. Seriously. You just are. Don't change ever. <3


I love this lady <3333 

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Congrats on the G1! I've gotta arrange to get my G soon... thing is, trying to park the Deadman's Cadillac parallel is... hard when you have a big ass end and a big front end. But good good!

hah, not judging, parallel parking terrifies me

actually driving anything that isn’t a 4-wheeler, skidoo or jetpack terrifies me

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lexxxieavelar replied to your post: FIRE HYDRANTS such a good butt exercise I do them…

How does one do a firehydrant? I could use something to do whilst waiting for video games to load.

Here’s one video as an example. But that video is a fast-paced drill, right now I just tend to lift my leg up (like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant) and hold it there for about 20 seconds, or until it gets too sore to keep up. And go from leg-to-leg like that until my game’s loaded, haha. :)

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Since you seem like the creative sort when it comes to fashion, and the fact we have semi-similar hair, what would you recommend for a self done prom hairstyle? Like, honestly, I have no clue what to do with it. :P

Anytime I gotta go “formal,” I just go crazy with bobby pins and hairspray, and let the curls do what they want. Obviously I place them so they look good, but I’ve learned with my hair that it’s gonna do it’s thang and there’s no use trying to control it. It’s a free spirit.

So why don’t you try pinning up most of the longer back bits and if you have really long bangs, curl them to the side and have little wisps of curl near your frame hang loosely about near your ears

Or you can do a side pin, like I did here. Again, just strategically placed bobby pins and hairspray.

Hope that helped some, I’m not really the best at hair! <33