04.06.12 - 11 notes - reblog

"I think it’s that the general populace doesn’t take female superheroes seriously, and that sucks. Did you know there’s a live action Wonder Woman television series on now? No? Exactly. That’s how well it’s doing."

"Elektra bombed, Catwoman bombed. I know they weren’t the best movies, but Jon’s argument was that if Iron Man had been Iron Woman it would’ve still done well because of the story. But the fact of the matter is, a witty, genius playboy who sleeps with lots of women is charming to people. Put a woman in that role and there’d be an automatic slut stamp on her forehead and lots of people wouldn’t go see it."

"I think if any person enjoys having sex with multiple partners, so long as they’re being responsible and not spreading STDs without telling people or whatever, then there’s nothing wrong with that."

"My guess is it was men who came up with slut shaming in the first place to make women feel bad so that men could have sex with whoever they wanted and women would feel like they have to belong to one guy."

quotes from my boyfriend’s contribution to an impromptu discussion about feminism in the car this morning