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When public schools are judged by how much art and music they have, by how many science experiments their students perform, by how much time they leave for recess and play, and by how much food they grow rather than how many tests they administer, then I will be confident that we are preparing our students for a future where they will be creative participants and makers of history rather than obedient drones for the ruling economic elite.

Mark Naison, Fordham professor and social justice activist (via socialismartnature)

With that said, my kids aren’t going to public school…

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This is Why We Fight: A Tale From an Abortion Educator

I would’ve screen capped it from my dash, but it was so far back and I only found it while creeping Leah’s blog earlier today *blush*

and I just feel like this was a brilliant answer to a serious issue that needs addressing and I wanted others to see it in case they are currently being (or may someday be) subjected to something similar in their school environment.

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It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.
- Albert Einstein (via psykopsyke)


If you’ve never thought about the concept of privilege, or you’re not sure what it means, THIS IS RELEVANT TO YOU!

“Being told you have privilege, or that you’re privileged, isn’t an insult. It’s a reminder! […] Privilege is an edge… a set of opportunities, benefits and advantages that some people get and others don’t.”

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did you know if you drop them, they literally shatter

which means if they bite you, you can’t react by sharply jerking your hand or throwing them in the air or anyshit

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First, we need ditch the “business model” for education, because it is only going to produce sociopaths. We need to get over the idea that public schools are for producing an obedient proletariat for Yalies to exploit when they become CEOs. We need to put up a big poster that says question authority next to every photo of a president in a classroom. We need to get over the idea that educations must be either liberal or conservative. Education needs to be based on teaching kids to be constantly curious and vigilant about what humanity thinks it knows. Revise the proverbial “3 R’s” (readin,’ writin’, and ‘rithemetic) to reading, writing, and reasoning. I would like to see a return to some of the “classical” (Greek) methods that train students to recognize various types of logical fallacies, incomplete or dishonest “evidence,” and how to marshal the facts to support what it is they think they believe, how to recognize propaganda when they see it.
My mother, Cynthia Shearer, in the Oxford American (via asleepunderwater)