I got distracted while packing. Behold the results of working at a crystal shop for 10 months. Not pictured: Jewelry, crystals that are in my plants and gecko tanks, pendulums, wallet crystals, and crystals I keep on hand for giving to others

New moss agate😱💕

My new Tibetan black quartz! Can’t wait to have a chain for him so we can pal around all day💗💕

Hard to capture in a picture but my new amethyst point has a cute iridescent/rainbow patch in it

Fishtail selenite 😌💕

My new ocean jasper mini sphere has a lil heart in it 💗

More bbz from last night💕

If I gotta have an addiction at least it’s a pretty one

Yeah sorry for another post but it’s hard to capture this stone’s magnificence in one picture #astrophyllite #crystal #crystals

Where do you get all your gems and rocks? I thought I remember seeing that you work at a place. Is there a website or anything to order from? Thanks!!

yeah I work at a privately owned shop. there’s no website that you can order from, though she does ship product (not sure if it’s worldwide, but at least to the states) for long distance customers. but for smaller tumbled crystals, i’m not too sure? because it’s not like we can take a picture of every single tumble we have…but if a customer asks to see, for example, what we have in smokey quartz spheres, we can take a picture of each of those to email to the customer. heads up though larger items, depending on the stone & quality, can be upwards of $30-50. if you’re seriously interested in making a purchase like that, do let me know and I can speak to the owner! :)

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I imagine pink Botswana agate is what heaven looks like

Made these euclase ones too💕


Beginnings of a collection I think #amethyst #quartz #crystals #amethystcluster

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bought my youngest sister a little geode for Christmas