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damnit your hair infuriates me in a really good way. my hair is super curly but for some reason, it's straight till my ears. literally all straight up top, then just goes into massive insane curls. but yours is so beautiful and all curly and wavy and oh god I am so jealous. is there anything in particular you do to help the waves at the top form or is it just pure luck? so seriously, as a fellow curl girl, your hair looks amazing.

hmm you didn’t go on any new medication in the last little while or anything? my hair used to be v curly right from the top of my head, but i believe being on the antidepressants changed the texture of my hair, which is partly why i was so eager to cut it off because i was sick of seeing all these tight curls on the bottom half of my hair and looser curls/waves on the top half

ANYWAY aside from that, another thing that will do that to me (make my hair rly flat at the top and curly at the bottom) is washing it in super hot water, sooo i try to avoid doing that (idk if that helps in your case?)

but anywhoooo thank you for the compliments! i do love my hair :)

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I do not know when you got a haircut but it sure is adorable! I think it suits you really well :)

thank you! i got it cut March…22nd, I think?

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Hey Farrah I absolutely LOVE your new haircut and am thinking of taking the plunge myself (I've never had short hair! It's always been past my waist). I would love to get mine cut very similarly to yours, did you take a reference photo with you that you could share so I can show my hairdresser? :)

HIYA! glad you like it (◠ω◠✿)

i took this photo to the salon but i also explained to the stylist that i wanted angled bangs. also because the photo doesn’t show the back of the hair, she kinda worked her magic when it came to that part of the cut. but basically it’s a gradual slope from my shortest piece to my longest

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is there something wrong with not dieting or exercising? I dont have any health concerns and im a healthy weight but it seems like everyone around me is going to the gym and obsessing over diets. I was okay with my body but I dont know how to feel about anything anymore.

YOU’RE GOOD. you’re fine. do what you want! exercise is good for your lungs and cardiovascular health and that’s why i’m like YAY EXERCISE, but the fact of the matter is our fatphobic society has twisted the crap out of how we perceive and experience exercise. like there’s all this unnecessary shame surrounding it when it should be something you do for JOY. if you don’t find joy in exercise or fruits & veggies (which btw does not make you any worse than someone who does!!!! so do not feel bad about that!!!) then fuck it. f u c k   i t. your health and your body are your business, baby love! 

also diets are garbage. incorporating more nutritious foods in your meals is cool, if it’s what you’re into! but diets are kind of a bunch of crap

your body is perfect as is, and always will be

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Has anyone ever told you you look a whole lot like Emily Browning when you wear lite make up?? Like holy cow :OOO

oh wow no hadn’t gotten that comparison yet, but cool!!!

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I am so obsessed with you and I could look at your face all day. Please, please never stop posting selfies!!!!

OH GOOD LORD I LIVE FOR YOUR COMPLIMENTS and yeah duh i’m a selfie queen 4 lyfe~*~*

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did you cut your hair omg it looks perfect

YEAH I DID a couple weeks ago! cute lil asymmetrical cut, i’m super pleased with it (◡‿◡✿) thank you

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I can't do this anymore. I feel so lost and I'm trying to keep myself grounded, but I feel like I'm sprinting through a minefield. I actually woke up this morning and thought to myself, what if i just get on a bus, swallow a bunch of sleeping pills? I don't want to die, but I just want peace. For like a day. Life is so hard and i feel like everyone is disappointed in me.

i want you to know you’re not alone in your suffering, a whole lot of people have either been where you are right now (myself included, at least somewhere similar), or are there with you. but i’d really like to encourage you to have your mental health examined, because it’s possible there’s a treatment that could help you

in the meantime, i want you to know that your miraculousness is indescribable. you are beyond words, perfect, loveable and precious. and i want to thank you for sticking around as long as you have because there’s no doubt in my mind you’ve somehow contributed to making the world a more beautiful place

i’m sorry it’s hard right now. but i hope you find your strength, and your life takes a turn for the better. i want your heart and mind to be soothed. i want you to experience all the joy and good things life has to offer. and i want you to keep shining 

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I was on my phone earlier and my boyfriend caught a glimpse of the title of your blog real quick before I moved and he was like 'what's a testicle embrace' and I'm still laughing

good lord that’s wonderful

i’m tempted to change my blog name to that now

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My only proper friend has drifted into a new group of people and it makes me feel really upset and abandoned but at the same time whenever I hang out with all of them with her I don't feel suited to them at all and I'd prefer to be alone. Do you have any tips on making new friends with people? I have a hard time doing it and usually end up with 'acquaintances' rather than friends and it bums me out

aw, i wish i could help you here, but i spent a good chunk of my life with zero social life because i was so far away from my friends and wasn’t making any where i lived. i did have an acquaintance here and there, but yeah i’ve never been one to so much value the idea of having/making friends as i just value the people who i’ve happened to befriend. i’d rather have no social life than be around people i don’t vibe with (but that’s how i’ve personally been since day 1, content with my own company)

my method of making friends is be genuine, be myself, be good to myself, be kind to others and the right people tend to manifest in my life

sorry if that wasn’t very informative, but i truly hope the best for you sweetpea, because heck yes you deserve and are worthy of having awesome friends!!!! (don’t forget to be your own awesome friend too though)

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Do the rocks (quartz?) have different qualities? Are they used for different things?

yes (it’s not scientific fact, but it’s something some of us believe)! here’s a lil link if you’re interested :)

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In response to your post about seaweed: did you know that algae are actually used as indicators of water pollution because they're so good at absorbing nutrients/toxins? Like, seaweed farming can actually be really beneficial to fish in polluted environments because of it. But, for eating purposes, you can buy ethically harvested seaweed, or choose to get it organic or from areas that have significantly lower levels of heavy metal contamination in their waters! It's such a yummy snack :(
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Sometimes I really want to kill myself. I've let so many opportunities pass me by because I'm such a weak person and my head gets the better of me and I don't have anyone to talk to really so I don't want to be here anymore I haven't got anything to show for it

i don’t want to in any way invalidate what you’re feeling (because it is 100% valid), but i also hope there’s some way you can recognize that having anything “to show for” existing is a superficial pressure we as a society fabricate for ourselves. and i say superficial because that construction’s depth pales in comparison to the mystery that is like, ~*existence*~ itself. EXISTENCE ON ITS OWN IS HUGE and doesn’t make a heck of a lotta sense??? it’s so enigmatic that we’ve had to add our own parameters and illusions just to keep our heads in the experience, so to speak, do you not notice? it feels saner to be occupied with learning/playing the game than trying to figure out how you got roped into it in the first place

so what i’m trying to say is suffering is valid and it’s real and it sucks but

nothing is as big of a deal as we think it is and at the same time that we even “are” is like…a really fucking gigantic and bizarre deal

and on top of that majority of our perceived reality is courtesy of our brain which is a BODY PART which like any other vulnerable hunk of flesh we seem to find ourselves clad in, is susceptible to ill health

if your brain has trouble feeling good sweetpea perhaps its health could use a lil tlc. i’d like to take this opportunity to encourage you, lovingly, to look into your mental health, and learn what can be done about it. there is, guaranteed, at least one person on this earth who wouldn’t want you leaving because of it, and there is certainly more than one that wants for your happiness (me being one of them because hi we’re both humans why would i want your life to suck)

and if i may bring my own personal beliefs into this for like 2 seconds i rly do think there’s a reason you’re here because like i said this whole human experience thing is just way too fucking weird to be the result of some celestial petri dish imo

that said you can either believe you’re mindbogglingly insignificant or profoundly important or each of those simultaneously, but whatever the reason for all this don’t you at least wanna stick around to see how it all unfolds? especially just in case maybe you are profoundly important to at least one other sentient thing partaking in this weirdness

i love you, be good to yourself

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is there a Farrah fanclub i can join? :x

yes but in order to join you must make me an offering of one (1) fruit basket

(make sure there are grapefruit in it)

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Have you ever had your palms read? If sooo, where did you go for that? I'm curious about it, but I'm not sure who to trust!

i’m actually not interested in getting my palms read! it seems to be fairly popular, but i don’t like the idea of how far in advance and set in stone the reading seems?? i’m more comfortable with intuitive card readings and such because they’re not usually v far into the future and they’re more along the lines of “as of right now, this is how your future looks, however this could change based on your actions” know what i’m sayin’?? i prefer to have insight into where my current actions are taking me 

trust is a big deal! absolutely ask around your community to find out who does the readings you’re interested in and find people who have been read by them, so you can ask questions about their experience! when people have had a good reading, they tend to be genuinely excited about sharing that with you and will recommend their reader!

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