So I’m not entirely sure how many of you were around for my previous posts regarding Mutagenic Studios, but it would appear I grow ever closer to getting my filthy paws on some quality shoot time with them after all.

The team has been working on a project for a little while now entitled Babylon Smith, info for which can be found on both their Facebook page and blog.  Tim was inspired enough by one of my own self-taken shots to edit and include it in the artwork as the character of a Street Oracle, who uses technology to perform “digital divination,” if you will.

I personally think that’s insanely fucking awesome, don’t know about you guys.

Take a look at their page, and if you enjoy the artwork and/or storyline, I’m sure these gentlemen (and myself) would more than appreciate your support via like button and comments. :)

Thanks, lovelies! <3333

Tim from Mutagenic’s inspiration board over his desk. Who’s that in the top-right corner?

Another one Tim from Mutagenic was nice enough to work some magic on. :) Dig it!