22.05.12 - 3 notes - reblog

Check out this promo for Babylon Smith, the illustrated novel Mutagenic Studios is working on (remember these?).

They’re trying to raise funds on Indiegogo, contributions starting at $5. The next contribution up of $25 gets you a Digital PDF copy of the book. ~~~and yours truly is in it~~*~*~*~~*

as are big guns.

It would be awesome if you guys could at least spread the word if anything. Tweet it, share it, whatever—because we really want this novel to happen. And the dudes at Mutagenic are much too awesome for this not to happen.

So I’m not entirely sure how many of you were around for my previous posts regarding Mutagenic Studios, but it would appear I grow ever closer to getting my filthy paws on some quality shoot time with them after all.

The team has been working on a project for a little while now entitled Babylon Smith, info for which can be found on both their Facebook page and blog.  Tim was inspired enough by one of my own self-taken shots to edit and include it in the artwork as the character of a Street Oracle, who uses technology to perform “digital divination,” if you will.

I personally think that’s insanely fucking awesome, don’t know about you guys.

Take a look at their page, and if you enjoy the artwork and/or storyline, I’m sure these gentlemen (and myself) would more than appreciate your support via like button and comments. :)

Thanks, lovelies! <3333