[TW: EATING DISORDERS] “It Ain’t Skinny They Hate” - a slam poem about thin privilege (click for youtube link)

(this is my first time so I’m sorry if it’s terrible)
(also I know over-apologizing is somewhat of a turn off)
(but shh I’m Canadian it’s in my nature)

Every now and then I get told to
"Eat a sandwich!"
"Where’s your meat?"
"You’re all skin and bones, put some more on your plate!"
I don’t like it, but
it ain’t skinny they hate

I see the crusty-pixelled saved and resaved facebook jpegs
"Real men like curves, only dogs go for bones!"
and no I don’t wanna see it
especially when I got small tits
and wish
I had an ass that didn’t stab people’s laps
when I sit on them, but
it ain’t skinny they hate

and I know skinny isn’t always strong
skinny isn’t immune to pinching itself
glaring at itself
loathing, over-working, and starving itself
and spewing its breakfast in the washroom at school
but it isn’t because they’re running from skinny

it’s because they’re running from fat

and no they’re not always polite
but they could be on the defense
trying to cope with the privileges fat’s denied, and skinny’s afforded
can you blame them?
if you didn’t understand
why why why why
all your life
the body you were born into isn’t regarded as inherently RIGHT

I get told to eat a sandwich

my baby sister gets to grow up
compared to me, who didn’t diet or exercise
but is told that she HAS to diet and exercise
to look like me

that she wasn’t fine and perfect just the way she was
with chubby arms bared in a sundress
dipping cookies
into a glass of milk
on the front porch

like it’s so fucking taboo to have told her
she doesn’t need to improve
that her body was just as okay as mine

and I don’t know what that’s like

to be policed for my size
to be punished by society, including those who love me
for, of all things, my weight

it ain’t skinny they hate

Posted on April 25, 2013 at 14:56

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